We love it when we get a project that has so much heart and encourages us to break rules. Executive Director and CAFé Team knew that they were in a position to inspire people with their non-profit and mission. With new changes with the organization, what better way to highlight new developments than with a new brand? The logo encompasses a simplistic and modern approach while subtly showcasing the NM state in the logotype, which could be a stand-alone asset when needed. The brand extensions include custom illustrations focusing on CAFés core missions. Each of these illustrations could be used for years to come in promotional collateral as a unique piece of artwork or call to action.

NMCO updated CAFé’s print material such as brochures, stickers, and signage, we created a refreshing user-friendly website and did several training sessions on how to manage their website and social media.

To help spread that message of change and inspiration, We even created a feature mural for their new office.