Las Montañas Charter
High School

LMCHS is a charter high school located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were first approached by LMCHS with recruiting in mind. We needed to help increase enrollment by 40% over their existing student population. No problem! LMCHS offers many advantages over larger schools in the area, such as a small student to teacher ratio, shorter school weeks, advanced computer labs, and some of the best teachers in southern New Mexico. We needed potential students and parents to be aware of these advantageous and know they had options for schools. We created a video campaign on social media showcasing the school’s mission, the fact that the charter high school was free, and student testimonials of their experiences at the school. Immediately following our video campaign, student enrollment increased at LMCHS and we shifted our focus on other needs for the school.

We currently maintain their recruitment quota, have completely overhauled their branding strategy and identity and designed clothing, banners, signs, teacher handbooks, and other useful printed material for LMCHS.

This video was one of the first productions that we provided LMCHS to add to their recruitment campaign. It’s an introductory video geared to expressing Las Montañas Charter High School’s mission and priorities as expressed in their statement below. This video, and the multiple others that we produced proved to be a successful part of a successful enrollment drive.

“At Las Montañas Charter High School we believe that life’s challenges are part of learning. Our structure provides an accommodating, supportive environment to help achieve success in academics and in life. We value all students and are committed to you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal!”