Las Cruces Space Festival

The Las Cruces Space Festival brought on NMCO media to help give their event a professional edge. Their original donated logo had the right idea but lacked the sophistication and professionalism that was required for an event that was so out of this world. We leveled them up with a rebrand and logo animation, perfect for their kick-off announcements. NMCO also created a completely new website that perfectly compliments the spirit of the event. NMCO will also be releasing posters, videos and other creative services as the event gets closer.

Having had great success with their first event at the beginning of 2018, the board managing the festival wanted a website that would be able to inform attendees for the subsequent festivals in a much more organized and visually exciting experience. They asked that we provide a site with an intuitive navigation, develop a site with ease of use for those in charge of maintaining it, the ability to post and update events for the festival, and a function to allow users to register for attendance so the Space Festival can both gather information about their audience and manage the number of attendees for each event.

The outcome of this project met all of the Space Festivals requirements and produced a website that we’re very proud of.