Cruces Creatives

Cruces Creatives embodies the true spirit of creativity and teamwork which NMCO is all about!  This non-profit makerspace connects people with the tools, training, and community support to make practically anything happen. Because of their natural semblance of a honeycomb with busy bees working together, Cruces Creatives knew they wanted a hexagon as the symbol for their brand.

NMCO began with the vibrant cousins of primary colors, which are the building blocks of the color spectrum. The teal and magenta hexagons in the final product evoke the spirit of creative work. The hexagon shapes are flattened in the background while forming a solid three-dimensional shape in the foreground, a design that appears to materialize into a cube right before your eyes.

Cruces Creatives recognizes the value of branding and decided to use this dynamic logo as a building block for all of their promotional products, including t-shirts, stickers, and signs.