Alamogordo Police Department

Alamogordo Police Department wanted to attract new recruits in a dynamic, fun, and engaging way. The solution was to design a campaign with a conversational slogan that asked potential recruits, “Do you have what it takes to be APD?” with a hashtag “#BeAPD” for social media. Building around this slogan, we created a cohesive brand along with a video that showcased the values and personality of the police department.

The brand features a deep navy that represents the traditional color of police uniforms, and a bright pop of orange to symbolize the fresh, modern spirit of this new campaign. The words “Do You” are highlighted in orange and bold in order to get the viewer’s attention and invite them to imagine themselves in a position with APD. The hashtag is featured in a handwritten typeface to continue the theme of conversation.

For their video, we wanted to show that the police department was professional and adept, but also friendly and fun. We created a fast-paced video that followed along with various situations that the officers could possibly find themselves in, such as chasing down a thief, writing a traffic citation, and participating in community events.