Say Hello to NMCO Media’s Video Specialist and VFX Artist, Francis!

Francis has worked with NMCO since day one. He originally worked with us as a contracted photographer before moving to our office full time. Francis is a true creative in media, an extraordinary animator, photographer, videographer and VFX artist. Francis is always cool as a cucumber when under pressure, and our clients are always happy with his collaboration.

Francis Check NMCO Video Specialist and VFX ArtistBeing only 20, you’re a self-taught videographer, photographer, and animator. You even created your own company at the age of 17, specializing in visual effects tutorials and products for motion designers. Can you explain the drive that you had to teach yourself these skills?
FC: The drive, for me, has always been to create something new and be as creative as possible, whether it’s making a tutorial, new digital products, or having an open mindset for a visual effects shot I’m working on. With the entertainment industry growing rapidly, it drives me to do the best I can and allows me to constantly learn new things.

What are some projects on your creative bucket list?
FC: I was asked to give a speech at FlashBack Japan last year about 3D design, but wasn’t able to make it, so maybe next year! Two, making intuitive plugins for After Effects has always been a dream of mine! I just have to learn how to code first! Three, creating a sandwich-making robot! Definitely number three!

What’s your creative process when taking photos/video?
FC: My creative process varies with each project I work on. I believe the best videos and photos require time for creativity and collaboration between the client and myself, always making sure the client’s vision is understood. From there, I can make their vision a reality.

Francis Check NMCO Video Specialist and VFX ArtistCommercial animation has come a long way in recent years and it’s always adapting. What’s your favorite trend in animation right now?
FC: The recent advances in real-time animation have been catching my eye. Being able to create animated sequences in days, rather than months, is a massive breakthrough. It really is amazing to see how far the creative industry has come. From Pixar’s Toy Story taking anywhere from 7-39 hours to render one frame to having no render time at all. Seriously impressive.

When you aren’t at NMCO media, what do you like to do for fun?
FC: Some of my hobbies include woodworking, graphic design, 3D Printing, concept art, and creating professional props for cosplayers. I feel like all of my hobbies are heavily rooted in creativity and art.

Work makes you travel all over New Mexico. Out of all the places you’ve been, what’s your favorite restaurant?
FC: Oh wow, that’s a tough one! Well, I suppose I could narrow it down. My favorite kind of food is Mexican, and my favorite dish is green enchiladas. So I would have to say Andele’s in Mesilla!

Francis Check NMCO Video Specialist and VFX ArtistWhat do you like about working at NMCO?
FC:  I’ve been able to really grow here at NMCO, not just from a creative standpoint, but in professionalism as well. As a company, we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy and receive something even better than they anticipated. Being around like-minded and friendly people to work with has been a truly amazing experience!

Are there any fun projects we can expect to see from you soon?
FC: Oh, lots of those! Right now, I’m working on an animation for Drought Adaptation Industries. They have a product that can save millions of gallons of water for home and commercial use! Yay for the environment!


You can see some of Francis’s work with Desert Sun Motors,, and Wayne Suggs Photography

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