Say Hello to Web Developer Josh White

The visual experience extraordinaire,  Josh’s passions lie in design and solving puzzles.  Josh has managed, customized, maintained and developed over 250 websites and he’s always excited to take on new challenges.  Find out what surprising job is on his creative bucket list and say hello to Josh!

Q. You have your bachelor’s in Graphic Design. What interested you in transitioning your career into web development?

JW. Honestly, it was a hobby that turned into a bit of an obsession. I had to take a portfolio class just like everybody else in my degree program. The professor gave us a list of free and paid online subscriptions to display our work online. Our assignment was to take one from the list he gave us and set up our profile but after I spent a couple of nights looking through the templates and “custom” options, I wasn’t impressed. Since the assignment was due as part of our final project, I set aside time every night that semester to re-educate myself with, what was at the time, current web practices and programming. By the time our final project was due, I had created myself a complete brand package (i.e., personal logo, resume, leave behind and business cards) with a website to match.

It was pretty much downhill from there.

Q. What’s one of your favorite projects that you have EVER worked on, and why? 

JW. I’d have to say Allen Theaters. Their project was a huge learning experience. Essentially, it was my first professional web development job and it was either sink or swim.

Q. List three jobs that are on your creative bucket-list.

JW. (1) I wouldn’t mind teaching others in a classroom setting everything we do here. I think that would be both rewarding and a lot of fun. (2) I think it would be awesome to get paid to research and develop new plugins, extensions, and themes for WordPress and other content management systems. (3) Aaaaand the third… um… OH! Professional mosh-pit instigator! That could be creative.

Q. Favorite color combinations?

JW. It’s a toss-up between red and black, or just simply anything plaid.

Q. What do you like most about web development?

JW. I try to keep up with advances in development. Design itself is dependent on the individual client and always fun in that regard, but what I really get into are all the new functionalities that I can pack into each site we produce. I find myself getting a little over excited when a client is asking for something in particular and it just so happens to fit with a new plugin, javascript framework, or method for responsive design that I get to play with next.

Q. What are your hobbies?

JW. Well, right now, the short list is carpentry, 3D modeling, CAD drawing, rapid prototyping, and the occasional major home improvement project.

Josh and his wife, Megan

Q. Any pets?

JW. When I married my wife, I ultimately adopted a mob of furry minions. I’m still not entirely sure how many there are.

Q. What do you like about working at NMCO?

JW. We have a group of clients that we help maintain their sites or social media accounts. It’s a lot of fun for me to be a part of the creative process that helps those clients push, pursue and develop their brand past the initial start up.

Q. What’s something you hope to teach clients about web design?

JW. That, now-a-days, it’s a must for anybody hoping to promote, inform, express, and connect their business or organization. It’s just as important as the sign on your storefront that visibly announces to prospective clients or members where to find your front door.

Q. Fun projects that we can expect to see from you at NMCO?

JW. Oooo! We’re currently working on a themed game that our viewers can play online. We’ve been testing a few frameworks and engines, and right now we just need to get the artwork and story set. After that, we’ll have something new for people to enjoy.

You can see some of Josh’s work with Zuni Electric,   Firefighter Trucks, and    The Smart Living Team!