Say hello to NMCO Summer Intern Jacob Minella

Meet NMCO’s 2017 Summer Intern, Jacob! With his wit and deadpan humor, he fit right into the NMCO culture. He spent his summer collaborating on client campaigns and creative briefs for NMCO Media. But there’s more to Jake than his creative talents and unique sense of humor.

1. You have a bachelor’s from NMSU and you’re currently working on a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from WVU. What interested you in this field?

JM. There were a number of things that got me interested in the field. I’ve always loved writing and I think that’s an important start. During my time at NMSU, I was essentially in charge of marketing sororities like the fraternity I was in, and I really enjoyed that. Later, a friend convinced me to take a class in advertising and the rest was history. I feel like not everyone finds their passion in college, and I’m very happy to be fortunate enough to have found mine.

2. What’s one of your favorite projects during school that you have worked on, and why?

JM. During my senior year at NMSU, I was a part of the American Advertising Federation and we created a comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for Snapple. As part of a competition against schools from around the nation, we ended up winning the Mountain States Region for the first time in NMSU history. This project was really the foundation for a lot of the work I’ve done since.

3. What’s one dream job on your creative bucket-list.

JM. I’d love to work on a political campaign in the future, but apart from that, I’ll just have to see where life takes me!

4. Companies whose branding you admire?

JM. Coca-Cola is the big one. They’ve become a part of American culture and people refuse to even touch products from competing brands. Their branding is very wholesome and not based upon materialistic consumerism, which I think is very effective.

5. Favorite current trend in Branding, Marketing, Communications?

JM. I actually think that marketing is in kind of a bad place right now, and I’ve seen a lot of ads that are kind of soullessly shooting for laughs or stirring up negative emotions. NMCO’s advertising is one of the reasons that I loved working there so much. Society, in my opinion, is abandoning materialism for the pursuit of experiences that mean so much more. NMCO has done a great job in making advertisements and videos that show how their client’s products can help you enjoy the little things in life, but in a way that is not artificial or threatening. All of their media has a calming, happy feeling to it, and I really like that.

Jacob and his friend Kendra

6. What are your hobbies?

JM. I really like hiking and cooking. I’m also really into writing as I mentioned before

7. Any pets?

JM. Not right now, though my mother has a dog that I pay a lot of attention to.

8. What did you like most about your internship at NMCO?

JM. First of all, I view the people that run NMCO as very honest and compassionate. The people that I worked with at NMCO were very good at their jobs and I always really appreciated that too. I guess in a nutshell I liked the culture of NMCO. They’re very passionate about things that matter, their clients and community, and that shows in their work. I also felt very valued and I was given a lot of projects that directly contributed to client’s campaigns.

9. What’s something you hope to teach clients about branding and marketing?

JM. Campaigns take time to become effective and it’s important to have patience and stick with a plan.

10. Summarize a few projects in your NMCO portfolio.

JM. Journey with Jane was very challenging and fun. This was probably my favorite project during my time with NMCO. I also enjoyed working with Lucas Engine and Desert Sun Motors a lot.

Though NMCO is sad to see Jacob leave, we are excited to see where his studies and work take him. He has helped collaborate on Massage & Doula Services by Jane and he regularly contributes quizzes and articles to Be sure to check out some of Jacob’s writing!