Say Hello to NMCO Media’s Graphic Designer and Assistant Producer, Chris Preciado-Shelton!

Chris is a trained graphic designer with a background in event planning and production.  He has collaborated with NMCO for years but has recently started working in-house! He brings a fresh perspective to any project, works hard and always has a smile on his face.  Read on to see what illustrators inspire him and how he hopes to cultivate a new creative direction in Las Cruces.

Chris Preciado-Shelton NMCO Graphic Designer and Assistant ProducerSo you’ve worked and collaborated with NMCO for a couple of years, but were recently hired as a designer and production assistant. What’s it like being an in the office with the rest of the team?
CPS: It’s great! I love working with a creative team. It allows me to have an immediate critique on whatever I’m working on and ultimately leads to a better end product. It doesn’t hurt that our whole team are rock stars, though!

List three jobs that are on your creative bucket-list.
CPS: Design a tour poster for a famous band.
Work on a large scale mural project that beautifies the city.
Lead design for a major music project.

Graphic designers and design trends you follow?
CPS: I follow a lot of low brow illustrators on Instagram like Burrito Breath, NECKFACE, Craig Gleason and Johnny Sampson… but I also really enjoy artists like Barbara Kruger, Swoon, Steven Powers, David Choe and Jim H Madison.

Seems like you know a bunch of artisans and designers, tell us how you think the Las Cruces community is changing in the fronts of design.
CPS: Well, it seems like “regular” people are starting to care more about branding. People pay more attention to things, like how their products are made, how the design functions within its intended purpose and how good it looks while we use those products. That, to me, is really great. I have always been more attracted to handmade products and it seems like handmade products are finally being taken as seriously as big box stores. Even big box stores are trying to make their whole branding scheme look more like mom and pop shops.

Chris Preciado-Shelton NMCO Graphic Designer and Assistant ProducerAs a production assistant, you also help out with the video department. Tell us a bit about your approach to putting all the right pieces in its place.
CPS: It’s really about having the best attitude from the beginning. If you have faith in whatever project you’re working on, chances are it will turn out great. Luckily for me, I’m on a killer team of creatives to bounce ideas off of and ensure our end products come out totally rad.

What are your hobbies?
CPS: I’m a musician, skateboarder, screen printer and a bit of a horror movie buff.

Any pets?
CPS:  We have 3 pets! 2 cats (Enca and Juniper) and we just got a golden retriever puppy named Bella. We’re officially outnumbered at our house now.

Chris Preciado-Shelton NMCO Graphic Designer and Assistant Producer

What’s something you hope to teach clients about graphic design?
CPS: That graphic design is a VERY important part of your business and can oftentimes make or break a company. Trust a team of people to take care of those aspects of your business so you can focus on whatever your company is based upon. It will make YOUR job easier!

List three projects in your NMCO portfolio.
 Sunset Sessions (the first one drops soon!)
The Vue Apartments (Expecting to open 2019!)
Guenevere McMahon campaign


Chris is a screen printer extraordinaire, so you can check out some of his work in New’s shop!

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