Ideas are created with a glaring problem at hand.

How do we promote all of these people, places, events, and business we know, do work for, and want to show off to the world? We’ve got a great team on our hands: talented video production teams, brilliant web designers, smart marketers, and superb graphic designers. We all live and work in New Mexico, why not create our own network about New Mexico for New Mexico? Why not have a place where we can provide a platform for millions of people to access everyday? That’s when the light bulb clicked on. September 2014, was created. A website to access your state at a more personal level, a place where you can find out what’s going on, see our beautiful photography, watch funny New Mexico related video, try out a New Mexico inspired recipe, learn about local businesses, and see New Mexico’s best product, its people. We’re proud to promote individuals and businesses that represent the positive in New Mexico. We love our chile and beautiful sunsets, but we’re more than that, come see what has to offer.


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