Our Story

In 2014, two small businesses were created in the hopes of providing stellar services to New Mexico.

Blue Zia Creative Group, was a creative company focusing on graphic design, print and web promotion. “Good design is great for business”, was the motto and Blue Zia was embraced by the community as the “only transparent design service in New Mexico.”

Afflux Media, a digital marketing and video company was created to help businesses with commercial and web promotion.  Afflux had tremendous success with their clients, known for their marketing, web design and viral videos.

Both business were unique in what they provided but had the same mission in mind, to support other New Mexico businesses.

Since the beginning, Afflux Media and Blue Zia harmoniously collaborated, sharing work and supporting each other’s mission and models.  Thus, the natural progression was to merge with a better and more focused team, providing graphic design, web, video and other creative services under one roof.  

In November 2016, both businesses joined forces and worked as one, officially launching their new company in January 2017.

Say hello to NMCO, an exceptional creative media company here to serve you!