Making fiction a reality

A Star Wars Video

How cool would it be to have some of the Star Wars universe right here in New Mexico? That’s exactly what we asked ourselves here at NMCO! So being a company who loves a challenge, we set out to create an amazing video for the national Star Wars holiday, May the 4th. Here’s a look at how we went about creating this video and a little peek at how we create amazing videos for clients.

Filming the invisible.

One of the challenges of filming this video was that we had to imagine that the characters were in the scene. In reality, we filmed an empty scene without any characters. We added in the models later.


Making fiction a reality.

Since we only had four days to complete the filming and the editing, we knew that the traditional methods of rendering wouldn’t work. It can take days just to render one scene! The obvious solution was to use an awesome plugin for After Effects called Element 3D. Element 3D made the whole process a breeze, and it took only minutes instead of hours or days to render each scene. We were able to quickly move the models around in the scene and change the lighting while viewing the progress of the final result. Element 3D supports IBL (image based lighting), so the models were actually reflecting the environment they were in! In this example, we can see the recycled roadrunner in BB8’s eye!

This video was a huge success on the Facebook page where viewers commented on their excitement in seeing Star Wars characters in Las Cruces. You can watch the full video here.


Do YOU need VFX?

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