Say Hello to NMCO Media’s Web & Graphic Designer, Lauren Lane!

Hi, everyone! I’m the web developer here at NMCO Media. I work primarily on websites, back and front-end. Additionally, I create and post memes on one of our Facebook platforms,!

You’ve been at NMCO Media since the beginning, what do like most about working here?
I love my teammates the most and seeing how things have progressed since it all started. Everyone here at NMCO puts in an immense amount of effort in absolutely everything they do. I feel like that can be hard to find elsewhere.

List three jobs that are on your creative bucket-list.
Something I’ve always wanted to do was become more comfortable with creating motion graphics for our internal projects—making a 2D side-scrolling platform game and being featured in an internal viral video.

Companies whose websites you admire?
National Geographic and Cuberto would have to be my top two this year.

Favorite web/graphic design trends.
Oh, man. There are SO many, and they’re ever-changing! For web design, I’m in love with parallax, video backgrounds, dim color overlays, sticky headers, geometric typefaces, and making personalized site preloaders.

What are your hobbies?
I love to jam out on the ukulele, sing, and take spontaneous road trips around New Mexico whenever I have the time!

Any pets?
Just this little dude, Muffin. He’s my bestie.

What’s something you hope to teach clients about web/graphic design?
I’m hoping to teach our clients that uniformity is definitely key in making a website. When people use a brand, they approach it with the promise of an expectation. The idea of branding is to always maintain that promise.

List three projects in your NMCO portfolio.
1. I’m really proud of Colibri Massage. The whole project was a collaborative effort. I can’t stand seeing the same routine with website layouts and felt that a vertical navigation with subtle CSS animation was fitting for this client.

2. Another was’s tilted zia X. It’s been modified several times since the platform began, but it continues to be one of my favorites.

3. Finally, one of our internal videos, Things New Mexicans Get: Thanksgiving Edition, was a project that I felt proud to be a part of. I’ve never actively partook in any of our major viral videos, so it was refreshing and a step or two out of my own comfort zone.