8 Quick Web DO's & DON'Ts

There are multiple reasons why a person may quickly X out of your site.

Perhaps it has a name that doesn’t go with the tone of the website, complex navigation, bad choice of colors, pop up ads, slow loading, too much text, etc.

All of these reasons point to poor web design.

Here’s a quick list of DO’s and DON’Ts for an effective web design that you can follow to reduce the peace-out rate of your website.

Always plan your design first.

Have a “mobile first” mindset and make sure your site is responsive.

Make it visually appealing by using various colors and sticking to a specific palette!

Blend in your typography with the tone of your website.

Use an appropriate amount of white space.

Optimize your images, GIFs and video elements.

Skimming your site should be simple.

Keep everything that is most important on the first page and above the fold.

Don’t rush. Doing so will lead to mistakes.

Don’t create a different web design for different devices or keep the mobile approach for the end

Don’t turn it into a painter’s regurgitation of a color palette.

Don’t use a different typeface for every page.

Don’t fill up every nook and cranny with words and images.

Don’t use heavy media on your site. Doing so will slow it down.

Don’t skip using focus keywords in the headline.

Don’t include advertisements on the main service/product page.



While creating an impressive web design for your client, don’t forget to add your own unique touch of creativity. This will set yourself apart from your competitors!